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High Performance Stain and Finish Remover

StripIt is a water based, non-hazardous PH neutral stain and finish remover.  StripIt does not darken the wood.  StripIt removes multiple layers in one application.  StripIt is odor free and can be used for interior and exterior applications.  It will not raise the grain.

StripIt quickly and easily cleans up with water.  As with any chemical, it is imperative to follow the directions on the label.

  • Will not harm or discolor chinking or sealants
  • Will not harm, mar or discolor metal surfaces
  • Odor free
  • Zero VOC

Coverage Rate:

40-55 Sq. ft./gallon

Size: 5 gallon pails

Application Temperature: 40 F to 90 F

Usage: Interior/Exterior

  Made in the U.S.A.

(We Ship Continental US Only)