Super Bio-Strip

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Super Bio-Strip By ABR

The Super Bio-Strip formulas represent a variety of tough task strippers, cleaners and lead based paint removers. Super Bio-Strip is biodegradable and does not require neutralizing.

Super Bio-Strip liquid is a versatile concentrate easily dissolvable in water and eliminates organic and some inorganic coatings (i.e. dirt, grease, lime, varnish and more).

Super Bio-Strip gel stays on the surface longer, giving you deeper penetration on multi-layer paint coatings. It has a slower evaporation rate due to its gel consistency.

Super Bio-Strip paste allows you to strip paint off ceilings and vertical surfaces. Due to its paste like consistency, Super Bio-Strip is also ideal for lead based paint removal, thick coatings and can be used as a poultice stain remover.

Coverage Rate:

50 -100  sq. ft./gal

Coat: 1 - 2 coats

Usage: Exterior or Interior

 Made in the U.S.A.