Log Jam Chinking

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Log Jam Chinking

NEW: A popular request over the years has arrived! Log Jam chinking is now available in Dark Brown

No matter what it encounters wind, rain, sleet, sun or snow, Log Jam chinking effectively holds its seal. Log Jam chinking keeps your home comfortable while keeping the weather where it belongs outside. Log Jam chinking is the elastic sealant that handles joint movement up to 100% even in joints up to 4" wide while maintaining its original appearance. With superior adhesion and elasticity, Log Jam chinking is guaranteed not to crack, tear or peel away from logs. Plus, it's the only chinking to hold a UL one-hour fire rating.

So Log Jam chinking helps slow the spread of fires from room to room, allowing your family more time to escape. Log Jam chinking's five textured colors seal your home with the traditional look of mortar and are available in two convenient sizes (5 gallon pails and 30 oz. cartridge

  • Rustic look without the rustic application:  The textured formula is easy to apply, even for a novice, to create an authentic 1800s mortar look without the 1800s effort.
  • Keeps the weather where it belongs - outside:  Moves with your logs to create a permanently waterproof and weatherproof seal.
  • Helps you avoid repeated repairs: Just say no to crumbly mortar or cracked chinking.  Stays soft and elastic over time for years-long, lasting seal.
  • Easy to clean up: Easy to smooth and clean- up with water.  No special chemicals required.

Available In: 29 oz. Cartridge and 5 Gallon Pails

Note:  Install a bond- breaker before Log Jam is applied.  Backer Rod, Grip Strip, and bond-breaking tape perform this function well.

 Also when using Log Jam as a restoration chinking over old mortar, apply a "bond- breaker" over the entire joint.  A variety of plastic tapes may be used, such as clear Mylar packaging tape or duct tape.  Applied to old mortar prior to re chinking, the bond-breaker provides a surface Log Jam will not stick to.  When movement occurs, Log Jam will be free to stretch.   This product is good for New & Older Log Homes

Shelf Life:  3 Years Freeze Thaw Stability


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