LifeTime Wood Treatment Friendly To Nature (Also For Decks)

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LifeTime Wood Treatment.

No maintenance stain that is non-toxic and friendly to nature.

Unlike other stains, it is a no maintenance stain. It is non-toxic and friendly to nature. No need to ever scrap, re-stain or worry about fading or wear. Over time and with exposure to the sun and rain, all LifeTime treated wood develops a beautiful silver - to dark brown-patina depending on the wood type.

LifeTime must be dissolved in warm water before applying. This recipe has been around for 60 years, handed down through generations of wood craftsmen. LifeTime is for all outdoor wood. This is nontoxic, environmentally friendly and made from naturally occurring plants and minerals. LifeTime comes in a powered form making storage and shipping much easier. LifeTime goes on in one easy application by brush.

For All Untreated Outdoor Wood

  • Docks
  • Bee Hives
  • Decks & Fences
  • Post
  • House Siding
  • Pressure Treated
  • Timber Construction
  • Veggie & Flower Gardens
  • Playgrounds
  • Furniture
  • Doors & Windows
  • Planter Boxes
  • Timbers

One Application Only

Zero maintenance.  No need to ever scrape, restain, or worry about fading or wear.

Easy to Use

Just add powder to water, stir, and apply.  Spraying, dipping, and brushing are all effective application methods.


LifeTime enhances the natural beauty and grain of all types of wood.  The initial color ranges from grey to light brown to olive brown, depending on wood type, texture, and dryness.  The natural color matures to a beautiful silver patina.  Natural weathering effects of sun, snow, and rain actually improve the qualities of LifeTime.

 Q: What is LifeTime Wood Treatment?

A: Lifetime is a highly effective wood treatment which beautifies outdoor wood for a LifeTime of  enjoyment.

Q: Many products claim to be safe to use, what makes LifeTime so different?

A: Over time and with exposure to the sun and rain, all LifeTime treated wood develops into a beautiful silver to dark brown patina.  This is a weathering process with a high UV protection.

Q: What is LifeTime made of?

A: LifeTime is made up of naturally occurring plant and mineral substances, combined in a special family recipe.  The solution soaks in and penetrates wood fibers.  Independent laboratory testing confirms that LifeTime creates no harmful residue in soil or water.

Q: Lots of products for exterior wood claim to be no maintenance, but in fact have to be re-applied within 2-3 years.  What does LifeTime mean by no maintenance?

A: No-maintenance means you apply one treatment of LifeTime and never touch it again.  LifeTime can not be worn off, will not peel or fade (natural weathering actually increases its beauty and effectiveness).

Q: Is Lifetime usable on most types of wood?

A: Absolutely Lifetime is effective for most if not all outdoor wood applications like: decks, fences, siding, flower pots, picnic tables, furniture, raised planters, birdhouses, siding, doors, windows, gazebos, playgrounds, beehives, and even floating rafts and marina docks.

Q: How is Lifetime applied?

A. It can be applied in all conventional ways including by brush, roller, sprayer, or dipping.  It can be safely worked with while still wet without leaving permanent finger or foot marks.  It can also be applied in any weather, even at 0 degrees Celsius.

Q: How long is its shelf life?

A: In powder form, LifeTime can be stored indefinitely.  After mixing with water, the solution keeps best in a sealed jar, in a cool, dark location, and will last indefinitely as well.  With increased time, however, water may become stagnant unless distilled water is used to mix the batch.  The stagnation of the water will not affect LifeTime's effectiveness.  Because you can mix only what you need, the likelihood that you will have large amounts of Lifetime solution left over is minimized.

Q: Will LifeTime prevent wood from cracking and warping?

A: All wood contains moisture and dries during exposure to sun and wind.  Lifetime will not cause additional cracking or checking in the wood.

Application Temperature: 30 F
Coverage Rate:

150-200 sq. ft. per 1 gal

750-1,000 sq. ft. per 5 gal

Clean-up: Soap and Water

Coats: 1

Usage: Exterior/You can use for interior but it may not gray as fast depending on the UV.

For application use our (#F5116) 4 3/4" Wooster Bravo Stainer paint brush or (#4051) 4 Inch Wooster Stain paint brush for excellent results with all exterior or interior stains. 

Note: Do Not Use with Borate

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