Grit-O-Cob 2040 Grit

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2040 Grit-O-Cob (This is a White Bag)


The Alternative Method for removing stains from log homes as opposed to Chemical Strippers.

This is ground up corn cob that looks like sand blasting media. It is used in The Kernel Corn Cob Blaster which is a type of sand blaster. It is used to strip stains without pitting wood surfaces. Blasting is much faster and is done in one pass. There is no need for multiple passes as with chemical stripping and it doesn't require the logs to dry. Staining can commence immediately. Cob Blasting is much more environmentally friendly and bio-degradable than chemical stripping.

Corn Cob Media Features

  • Dry blast media - no water forced into wood
  • Made from 100% recycled corn cobs - environmentally friendly
  • Great for removing older stains and UV damaged wood

 Coverage: 2-3 Bags per 100 sq. ft.

Size: 40 Lbs. bags (50 bags on a skid)

Usage: Interior/Exterior

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