Blondie's Bee Kit For Carpenter Bee's

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Blondie's Bee Kit For Carpenter Bee's. Kit Includes: 1 Pound of Drione Dust 1 Crusader Duster Applicator, 1 Pair of Latex Gloves, 1 Dust Mask, 1 Tube of 10.5 oz Log Builder Caulk. Carpenter Bees are large (1 inch) yellow and black bees which become active in early spring.

They resemble bumble bees but do not live in colonies. They appear around homes and are a nuisance. They will drill a near perfect hole for a nest approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Their nest is much more of concern.

These nests, if left untreated, will result in extensive structural damage and will result in costly repairs within a few years. THE NEST MUST BE TREATED AND SEALED!!!! CAUTION: Please read, and follow all precautionary and warnings included with the Drione insecticide before using. Wear latex gloves and dusk mask when loading or dispensing Drione Dust.

Fill Crusader duster and place rubber cap on. Should the Crusader Duster clogged, remove the brass screw on the plug, to clear out any cogs from nozzle. Insert nozzle into area to be treated and gently pump Crusader Duster to release powder into the holes. Wait a few days after applying Drione Dust to the holes and apply Log Builder Caulk to plug the holes. Any excess caulk you can wipe up with a wet rag.

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