Armor-Guard Wood Preservative

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Soluble Borate Powder

Armor-Guard is a borate powder that is dissolved in water for use.  Add Armor-Guard to water in pail or bucket, stir until the solution is clear and apply with a low pressure sprayer.  Armor-Guard protects un infested wood from wood decay and wood destroying insects.  Like all borate treatments, exterior surfaces should  be protected with one of our Lifeline exterior finish systems.  Armor-Guard stays near the surface and we recommend that it be reapplied if the finish system is physically or chemically removed.

Coverage Rate:

Approx. A 17 Lb. pail covers approx. 3400 sq. ft.

Coat: 1 coat application.  Mix 1 pound (4 cups or 2 of the enclosed scoops) of powder with one gallon of water for use.

Usage: Interior/Exterior

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