Colorfast Pre-Stain Base Coat

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 Colorfast - Color is King

Why use Colorfast? Keep the color the color.

Use under any Sashco Stain: Oil-based Transformation Log & Timber, and Emulsion Transformation Siding & Trim, Water-based Capture & Cascade, and interior Symphony.

Everyone knows that color is king on a long home stain job, but pleasing the king can be difficult!  Wood porosity differences lead to blotchy, uneven results when staining. UV damage causes the wood to yellow your stain or interior clear coat.  That once-perfect color is lost.  That's why you need ColorfastColorfast strengthens the glue that binds the wood cells together, called lignin, preventing yellowing of the underlying wood cells to help you maintain a consistent color year after year.  Before staining, Colorfast evens out wood porosity, creating a smoother surface for stain application and preventing over-absorption and a too-dark color.  After staining, the lignin stabilizers prevent the wood underneath from getting sunburned, leaving the stain or clear coat applied on top looking the same year after year.  Colorfast provides the ideal canvas for stain application and leaves behind the strong foundation necessary for long-lasting color.  It's color confidence for your log home.  

  • Keeps the color the color: Lignin (wood cell glue) stabilizers prevent yellowing and darkening of the wood itself overtime, which in turn prevent color shifts in the stain applied over top.  Light colors stay light and darker colors don't shift too dark.
  • Reduces blotchiness:  Fills pores for a smoother surface and more even stain application.  Great for blasted, rough-sawn, knotty pine, or milled logs.
  • Prevents picture-frame effect on interior wood:  Apply on bare wood on the interior of the home and under Symphony interior clear coat to avoid yellowing around wall decor.
  • Use under any Sashco stain: Using oil-based Transformation Log & Timber, Water & Oil Transformation Siding & Trim, Water-based Capture & Cascade, or Symphony Interior.
  • Easier stain application: Greatly reduces the need to back brush the stain applied over top. 
  • Great as a log keeper coat: Prevents mold and yellowing due to UV damage on new wood as it moves from the mill to the job site and throughout construction.  Contains both mildewcide and algaecide to help preserve the wood until It's time to stain.  
  • Seal those ends: When applied heavily on log ends, prevents over-penetration of stain and log ends that are darker than the rest of the logs. 
  • Clean the surface: Media blast, power wash, or sand wood surfaces using a Osborn brush or 60 to 80 grit sandpaper to remove all previous stains and loose, unsound gray or yellow wood fibers, along with mill glaze, pollen and other surface contaminants.   This creates the best surface for (Colorfast) penetration and stain longevity.  If mold or algae is present, apply CPR in the brightener strength according to the directions. 
  • Apply preservatives:  Apply a borate according to directions for protection against wood rot and wood-ingesting insects BEFORE (Colorfast) is applied.  Allow wood to dry 1-3 days, until wood is at or below 19% moisture content level.  
  • Wood must be dry: Use a moisture meter to make sure wood is at or below 19% moisture content level before apply (Colorfast). Damp wood can prevent (Colorfast) from penetrating properly and also increases the risk of water stains, rot, and peeling stain. 
  • Mix it up: Thoroughly mix (Colorfast) with a drill-driven, squirrel-cage type mixer.  Scrape any settled material off the bottom of the pail and thoroughly mix it in.  Stir (Colorfast) every 15-20 minutes throughout application to ensure all ingredients are always mixed in. 
  • Spray It On, Lightly Back -Brush.
  • Dry Time: Allow (Colorfast to dry until clear before applying the final stain over it.  Often, this is within 2 hours, but check cracks and checks where it make take longer.

Color: Goes on milky white, dries clear

Coverage Rate: 150-300 sq. ft. per gallon, depending on wood porosity and texture.

Usage: Exterior and Interior

Application Temperature: 40°-90°F. Do not apply when rain or snow is imminent

Cleanup: Colorfast becomes stickier as it dries!  While still wet, clean tools and equipment with either mineral spirits or a citrus-based cleaner.  If it has dried, mineral spirits will be required. 

Water Base

Shelf Life: 3 Years

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