I-Wood-Care offers a full line of products to help control problems with carpenter ants, termites, old house bores and powder post beetles.

 Products like Drione Dust will treat for carpenter bee infestations.  Stain additives like NBS 30 and Bug Juice will prevent future problems.

Carpenter Bees: A common nuisance around rural wood homes, carpenter bees are large (one Inch), yellow and black bees active in early Spring.  Their name derives from their ability to drill through wood and nest in the hole.  Their drilling creates a near-perfect hole, approximately 1/2 inch in diameter.  Although the hole appears to be only an inch or two deep, it rarely ends there.  The female bee will turn 90 degrees and bore a channel from six inches up to four feet.  This channel serves as a corridor from which she will drill small egg-holding chambers a few inches deep.

To eliminate carpenter bees you must treat the nest.  Treating the carpenter bee hole is simple, safe and easy.  The most effective product is Drione Dust, applied with a Crusader Duster.  Both are available from I-Wood-Care.  As the female enters the hole, she will drag the dust into the next and the larvae will be killed.  Drione will kill a carpenter bee within five minutes, the residual powder can last for months and kill any new bees to enter.  At the end of the season it is advisable to re-dust then caulk the holes.