Snorkler by Sashco

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The Sashco Snorkler is a one-of-kind pump that greatly reduces your time spent caulking. It seals your home up to four times faster than conventional caulking and chinking guns. Designed to apply Log Jam, Log Builder and Stacker quickly and easily, the Snorkler saves you time—and money!

Its variable speed motor applies a smooth and consistently even bead, creating less need for tooling. Use the Snorkler with Log Jam, Log Builder and Stacker 5-gallon pails.

Note: The Sashco Snorkler can only be used with Sashco products. Some chinkings and sealants have a thicker consistency due to sand as an ingredient in the formula. These products can damage the Snorkler's stator.

Note: Call for pricing.