Stainless Steel Prop Mixer And Mixing Paddle

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Twin propellers circulate material thoroughly. Ring shield prevents can puncture. Easy clean-up. Stainless steel. This can be used on a cordless drill.

  • Tighten power tool chuck onto drive shaft of mixer.
  • The Mixer MUST BE FULLY IMMERSED in material to be mixed before turning on the tool, and MUST BE KEPT FULLY IMMERSED WHILE IN MOTION.
  • Hold power tool and mixer firmly. The container in which mixing is to be done should be secured so that it will not be thrown, spilling contents.
  • SUBMERGE mixer to within approximately 1" of bottom of container. Turn on power and move mixer around bottom area until settled material has been brought into the mixture. Slowly move the mixer up and down and around in the material until contents are thoroughly mixed into a smooth uniform body.
  • CLEAN mixer after each use. Simply immerse in compatible solvent or water and run until clean. When cleaning solution is flammable, be sure to remove mixer from power tool.
  • Stainless steel twin propeller mixer for low viscosity materials. Outer ring shell prevents container punctures. Fits 1/4" drill chuck 5 gallon pail mixer 5" Blade 21" shaft length