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Chlorine bleach


  • Strongly bleaches all types of wood
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available
  • Kills mildew


  • Chlorine gas can be released if chlorine bleach is mixed with other household chemicals, such as ammonia.
  • Chlorine gas can be hazardous or fatal
  • Kills plants, especially new growth
  • Can over-oxidize wood cell walls and degrade them
  • Very corrosive to metal fasteners ( nails and screws)
  • Can affect adhesion of coatings if not completely rinsed from the logs surface

Oxalic Acid


  • Particularly good at removing tannin stains
  • It is the only cleaning product of choice for redwood - other type cleaners will discolor redwood
  • It is the best product for removing rust stains


  • Does not kill mildew
  • It is a poison & must be handled very carefully

It must be thoroughly rinsed from wood that will be finished with water-based coatings or unsightly whitish blemishes may appear beneath the coating ( or other negative effects can occur)

Sodium Per Carbonate (Oxygen Bleach)


  • The most environmentally friendly bleach/cleaner
  • The safest bleach/cleaner to use (but it can irritate the eyes)
  • It disassociates into hydrogen peroxide, soda ash & water that's all
  • Does not aggressively corrode metal fasteners
  • If not completely rinsed from the wood, little affect on subsequent coatings is likely
  • Kills mildew
  • Strongly bleaches all types of wood (except for un-aged redwood)


  • Must not be used on un-aged redwood (it turns it almost black in color)
  • More expensive than other cleaners/bleaches
  • The residual soda as can appear as whitish patches underneath a stain or lacquer if not well rinsed

Trisodium Phosphate


  • Readily available
  • Inexpensive


  • No bleaching action


All of these products can be purchased on our I-Wood-Care online store under cleaners.



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