Transformation Log & Timber

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"A Better Way to Stain" 

It's about Transformation: old and weathered logs brought to life again, or timbers refreshed with color when they were once only gray.  These are the results we want for our dream home, but sometimes those results seem like a distant fantasy.  Use a quality stain like Transformation Stain Log & Timber and you'll transform the look of your wood.

Restore What Nature Destroyed
When it's time to restore an eroded, failing stain, or if you need to maintain a coating that has lost its luster, remember one word, transformation. Better yet, remember two words: Transformation Stain. Transformation Log & Timber Stain will transform the appearance of your exterior logs and exterior vertical woodwork from dull and lifeless to rich and brilliant especially for older logs needing restoration. The stain that's easy to remember because its name describes what you want and what it provides, Transformation! Two coat application recommended. This an oil based product.

  • Stunning Oil Finish
  • Show the Wood Grain
  • Perfect for New Construction & Restoration Projects
  • Oil-Based
  • Gloss Finish

Routine Maintenance

Everyone knows that a $30.00 oil change twice a year beats a $2,000 mechanic’s bill. Routine maintenance on your logs or timbers could be the difference between $2,000 every 3-5 years or $20,000 to completely redo the job.  It’s truly the key to a better way to stain.

    Coverage Rate

    1st Coat 150-250 sq. ft/gal

    2nd Coat 300-500 sq. ft./gal

    Coats: 2

    Usage: Exterior

    Note:  Use CPR log cleaner and brightener to clean the logs.   Other products you might want to consider is our Penetreat prior to staining (has to be used on bare wood only) this is a borate powder.  For application use our (#F5116) 4 3/4" Wooster Bravo Stainer paint brush or (#F-5119) 4 Inch Wooster Oil Stain paint brush for excellent results with all exterior or interior oil based stains. Also you might want to add Bug Juice, an added insecticide for crawling insects, or Stay Clean, an added mildewcide for interior or exterior, which inhibits Mold & Mildew in coatings. 

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