RiverCast Epoxy Kit

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RiverCast is an clear epoxy system designed specifically for woodworking casting applications. It produces ultra-clear casts with minimal bubble entrapment. Use RiverCast to make beautiful river tables or to fill large inclusions in wood substrates. For small voids, use MirrorCast, and for complete instructions, email us info@iwoodc.com for a PDF
• Fill voids up to 1.5” thick in a single pour

• Flexible

• Defoams rapidly

• Contains no VOC’s

• Easy 2:1 mix ratio

**• Tintable with System Three CastFX  Dry Metallic Pigments

Measure and Mixing:
Measure 2 parts Resin (Part A) with 1 part Hardener (Part B) into a clean graduated mixing container. RiverCast can be mixed efficiently with a drill and paddle mixer. Avoid spinning the drill up at too high a speed, as this will introduce excessive air to the mixture. It’s advisable to also use a paint stick to scrape the sides and bottom occasionally as you mix. Carefully scrape the sides and bottom to prevent unmixed material from spoiling the cast. Unmixed material will not harden sufficiently and remain soft.
You’ll know you’re getting close to fully mixed when the mixture has turned from cloudy to clear. Once it’s clear, RiverCast generally requires a bit more mixing to fully incorporate the
components. After you’ve mixed a batch, double-check to make sure that there is no thick buildup on the sides or the bottom of the container.

Directions for Use:
How Much RiverCast For The Job
Measure the length (L) x the average width (W) x depth (D).
L x W X D = total cubic inches. From the total cubic inches, see which RiverCast kit meets your needs. It’s advisable to pad your estimate by 10% to ensure that enough material is available.

RiverCast kit sizes
Cubic Inches
1.5 Gallon Kit 346
7.5 Gallon Kit 1,732
15 Gallon Kit 3,465

Working Conditions:
Epoxy casting resins have a great deal of latitude with respect to the depth of pour. The main thing to keep in mind when considering deep pours is the ambient temperature. At room temperature (70-80°F) conditions, RiverCast can be poured up to 1.5” thick in a single pour.

In the winter months, RiverCast may be exposed to very low temperatures during transit. In some cases, the Part A can turn cloudy from the exposure to cold temperatures. If the Part A is cloudy, you will need to reconstitute the material. Heat the Part A only in a water bath at approximately 120°-130°F throughout. Once the Part A returns to a clear state, no further heating is necessary. Allow the material to return to room temperature before beginning your project