Olylog HeadLok Panel Fasteners

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Olylog HeadLok Panel Fasteners By OMG

Heavy Duty Flathead Fasteners

The OMG HeadLok Insulated Panel Fasteners is engineered for heavy duty wood construction tasks such as: Sip Panel construction, Nail borad attachment, and multiply beam connections.

The HeadLok insulated panel fastener is a flat head fastener engineered for a wide range duty wood construction applications including:

  • Structural Insulated panel construction.
  • Prefabricated wall panel connections.
  • Nail board attachment.
  • Two, three and four ply beam connections.
  • Stress skin/Timber frame connections.

Fastener Benefits include:

  • Sharp gimlet point for fast, one step installation into wood and OSB.
  • Aggressive 2" thread for holding and withdrawal strength.
  • Wafer head eliminates need for washer and offers dramatically increased pull through strength.
  • Deep square drive to eliminate cam out.
  • Self drilling for most applications.
  • Low profile head does not "Telegraph" through cover layer.
  • Chamfer under head for increased strength.
  • Highly corrosion resistant.
  • 100% American Made.

 Made in the U.S.A.