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For filling voids in decayed wood, E-Wood is the perfect product to use.  E-Wood is a two component epoxy wood putty that may be used to fill in wood voids.  It can be textured to match the appearance of the surrounding wood.  Hardened E-Wood filler can be sanded, shaped and stained.

  • Two component wood tone epoxy putty
  • May be shaped, molded and textured to match the surrounding wood
  • Soft or decayed wood should be consolidated with M-Balm first
  • Hardens within 24 hours

Coverage Rate:

1.8 cubic inches per ounce mixed A & B components.

Size:  2 component 32 oz. package,  2 component 2 gallon package

Usage: Interior & Exterior

Note: You may want to consider M-Balm that forms a hard, water-resistant mass.  M-Balm should always be used in preparation for filling pockets of decayed wood with E-Wood epoxy putty. 

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