Bug Juice: A remarkable insecticide paint additive.

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What is Bug Juice?
Bug juice is a remarkable insecticide paint additive designed to eliminate crawling & flying insects on interior & exterior surfaces.

Where can Bug juice be applied?
Bug Juice can be applied on most interior and exterior surfaces, including kitchens and pantries.

Does Bug Juice repel bugs?
Bug Juice does not repel insects, it is contact pesticide. It begins to work after an insect makes contact with the treated surface.

What kind of bugs does it kill?
Bug Juice kills crawling and flying insects ranging from ants to mosquitoes and cockroaches to silverfish.

Will it affect the appearance of the finish?
Bug Juice will not affect the color or drying time of the coating it is mixed with.

Does Bug Juice have an odor? No. How long does the Bug Juice Last?
Bug Juice will last for the life of the coating it is mixed with.

What type of coating can Bug Juice be mixed with?
Bug Juice can be added to any oil or latex - based paint, stain, or sealant.

Application Of Bug Juice: When mixing Bug Juice into a latex (Water-Based) coating stain it should be used within 3 hours. Or 6 hours if it is added to an Oil-Based coating.  You can also mix the Bug Juice into the stain one gallon at a time.   

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