Sanding & Blasting Material

To remove stubborn coatings or to bring your log home closest to its original appearance, there are many sanding and blasting options available.  Osborn brushes are used with a variable speed grinder and will remove old finish on an entire wall or can be used to smooth smaller areas during construction.  Our Osborn brushes are very popular with home owners and contractors.  The Buffy Pad System will buff and smooth your logs when a lighter smoothing application is needed.

 The quickest method for completely removing an old finish from a log home is to blast the home with either corn cob of glass media.  I-Wood-Care carries both cob and glass media and can also supply a full kernel Cob Blaster package.  Corn cob media is made from ground up corn and is biodegradable.  Crushed glass media is also a green option.  It's made from ground up recycled bottles and leaves a fine sand waste after use.

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