Outlast KleenStart

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Outlast KleenStart

Outlast KleenStart  concentrated wood cleaner puts the cleaning power of pure oxygen into your hands. As it dissolves, the crystals of KleenStart release the oxygen bound up inside them giving you nature's own way of cleaning and brightening.

This will revitalize your previous stained or bare wood surfaces.

  • Cleans Logs, Decks, Fences and More
  • Quickly Rinses Away With Water
  • Gently brightens and cleans Wood Fibers
  • Lightens grayed UV-Damaged Wood
  • 100% Active Ingredients
  • One Quart makes 5- 8 gallons
  • No Harsh Chemicals or Chlorine

KleenStart rinses quickly and easily. No slick bleach residue requiring excessive rinsing! Cleans Logs, Decks, Fences and More. This contains Sodium Per Carbonate.

Coverage: 125-175 sq. ft. per gallon

1 qt. makes 5 - 8 gallons 750 sq. ft.

Use KleenStart to clean your logs first.  Wait 2 to 3 days for logs to dry.  

 Made in the U.S.A.

(We Ship Continental US Only)