Proper substrate preparation and application are imperative for product longevity.

Make certain there is compatibility between your stain and Caulking.  Best results are obtained when caulking is applied to clean and/or stained wood. Call I Wood Care for guidance if in doubt.

Check the weather forecast. Finishing products are best applied in moderate weather conditions, i.e., out of direct sunlight, in dry conditions and warm.

Check the log surface temperature. The ideal application range is between 50°F - 90°F.  Confirm with manufacturer specifications for each product.

It is always best to use a bond breaker (usually backer rod) before caulking. I Wood Care advises the use of backer rod, especially if the home is new and/or the logs are subject to significant movement. If a bond breaker is not used, then expect more caulking repairs.

Tool Caulking to help ensure good contact with the log surfaces, especially to the upper log; this will greatly aid adhesion.

Ideal sealant depth is 1/2 of the joint width, but no less than 1/4".

Assemble tools and equipment:

Backer rod, caulking guns, Spatulas/Foam Brushes for tooling, Clean Water, rags, Plastic sheets to cover the caulking if wet weather moves in, staple gun and staples.

Note: Install a bond breaker before Log Jam Is applied.  Backer Rod, or Grip Strip. 

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