Backer Rod,Grip Strip, Log Gasket, Log Gap Cap

Backer Rods or Filler Ropes are used to help keep the proper depth bead of caulking and to create a bond breaker.  Log home caulks and chinking like Sashco's Conceal, Log Builder and Log Jam are designed to stretch 100% of bead.  In order to do this they can only be attached to the wood at two points, with the foam creating a backer that the caulk does not adhere to.  If the caulk adheres at three points, top, bottom and back, then it will no longer be able to stretch and will tear with any log movement.  This is true of all log home caulk and chinking products that I Wood Care Supplies.


Log Home Gasket for between a Tongue and Groove built log home are also available below. These are a closed cell gasket with adhesive agent applied to one side.  Simply remove tape and roll out over your log wall while building.

Note: This is closed cell backer rod.

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