Sashco Log Cabin Stain Colors

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Sashco Log Cabin Stain Colors

When it is time to stain your log cabin, whether it be for the first time or it is time to re-stain; you may be wondering which colors are available. We have created this list of Sashco log cabin stain colors so that you can easily see which ones you like best.


Capture Log Stain Colors

Capture Log Stain is a wonderful choice to protect your house from various weather phenomena such as rain, snow, sun’s ultraviolet, and mold. Capture is a water-based stain. Capture comes in 11 glossy colors that will show the natural grains in the wood. Capture comes in the following colors: autumn aspen, bronze pine, chestnut, hazelnut, mahogany, natural, red cedar, sequoia, wheat. For those that are looking for a unique grey color there are driftwood and weathered wood.

capture log stain colors chart

Transformation Log & Timber Colors

Transformation Log and Timber Stain is a great oil-based stain that will protect your log home for many years from the inside out. Transformation comes in 11 satin colors that are sure to make your log home stand out. Transformation comes in the following colors: gold tone light, gold tone medium, gold tone dark, brown tone light, brown tone medium, brown tone dark, red tone light, red tone medium, red tone dark, redwood, and natural.

transformation log and timber colors

Transformation Siding and Trim.

Transformation Siding and Trim is a water-based stain with a matte finish that has a no peel-formula and is easy to clean. Transformation siding and trim comes in 11 satin colors that are sure to make your log home stand out. Transformation siding and trim comes in the following colors: natural, applewood, cedar, honey timber, gold tone medium, natural cedar, red tone medium, woodtone cedar, brown tone medium, pecan, and redwood.

Transformation Siding and Trim colors chart

Sashco Caulk colors

Conceal Caulk Colors.

Another color option that you have on your log home is the chinking or caulk. Sashco has a couple of great caulk available with many options for colors. 

Shashco Conceal caulk is a great choice. Conceal caulk comes in following colors: frontier gold, gold tone, harvest wheat, red tone, brown tone, redwood, and grizzly brown.

conceal caulk colors chart

Log Builder Caulk Colors.

Log builder caulk is another great choice and comes in three great colors: tan, woodtone, and dark.

Log builder caulk colors chart


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