Woodsman Caulk

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Woodsman Caulk By Perma Chink

(A Smooth Surfaced Log and Timber Home Sealant)

Woodsman is a high performance, elastic sealant for general use around your house.  It can be used during construction between logs, in butt-joints, around windows and doors, woodwork, eaves, soffits, vents and expansion joints.  It cures to form a highly stretchable seal that is UV resistant, water- tight and air-tight.  It is durable and available in a variety of colors.

Woodsman tightly adheres to all materials, including wood, metal, glass, concrete, brick, masonry, porcelain, tile, marble, glass and plastics; and stretches to maintain a tight seal.

Note: Apply Backer Rod to an opening of 1/4" or more check, crack, or seam.   Backer rod also serves by adding insulation value and reducing the amount of Woodsman caulking needed.  

 Made in the U.S.A.