$ 20.24


Outlast Mold-Buster By CTA

Interior/Exterior Additive

Mildewcide for oil, latex, water based and solvent borne paints/coating systems. This will treat up to 5 Gallons.

  • Works with oil, water and solvent based coatings
  • Prevents growth of mold, mildew and algae
  • Mixes readily
  • Resists yellowing
  • Pre-measured dose for 5 gallons of paint or stain or use the 'View-Finder" to add to single gallon paint cans.
  • Clear in color
  • Add to interior or exterior coatings.
  • Thin Viscosity mixes easily
  • Freeze-thaw stable
  • Low odor -Low VOC
  • Contains proven fungicide
  • Does not affect color or drying time
  • This product will stop Mold, Mildew, Algae, in paints, stains, coatings and adhesives.

Coverage: 7.5.oz will do 1 (5 Gallon Pail)

Usage: Exterior/Interior

 Made in the U.S.A