Kernel Cob Blaster

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Kernel Cob Blaster By Sashco

A new stain removal tool for the log home industry. The Kernel Corn Cob Blaster is designed to easily remove stain from logs. It works under the same concept as a sand blaster, but it uses ground up corncobs, or crushed glass instead of sand because sand is too aggressive for wood.

The Kernel is much quicker than chemical methods of stripping. It leaves the logs dry, which allows the staining process to begin immediately if you choose not to borate your home. The Kernel features a custom fan nozzle, for an even and wide removal stroke. It also features a pressure regulator to protect against pressure overload and a precision pinch valve for fine-flow of the corncob material.

Note: Call for pricing.  1-800-721-7715

We carry 2040 Grit-O-Cob and 40/70 Crushed Glass.

 Made in the U.S.A.