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Log Siding | Peeled Red Pine | For Sale

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Log Siding | Peeled Red Pine | For Sale

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5" Peeled Log Siding (Ship lapped) 

 1 x 6 Tongue & Grove (Ceiling & Walls)  

5”x 6-9” Rustic Peeled/Peeled Tongue and groove wall logs, Borate Pressure Treated and Kiln Dried – Call for lengths available, typically ordered as linear footage for larger orders. 

Order Now!  This sale is on material we already have processed and will only be in effect as long as quantities last. 

NOTE: This Sale is for Linear Cottage Wall Logs only.  Items like Log Hog Fasteners, Caulk and Sealing Gasket are available for order from I Wood Care.

 All log siding is sodium borate pressured treated and kiln dried.

(Red Pine)

Log sidinglog siding red pine

Call for lengths - typically available in 8', 10', and 12' Lengths

NOTE: Lok-N-Logs does not warranty Special Order Items or any item purchased outside of a house package contract.  Lok-N-Logs does not cover damage or problems caused by unloading, abuse, storage, assembly, installation, or improper use of materials; nor does Lok-N-Logs cover conditions arising from the effects of weathering, seasoning, or natural physical characteristics of some wood to check, warp, twist, or discolor due to ultraviolet rays, mold, sap stains, sap bleed or other natural causes.  We do not exchange or except returns on these items as they are prepared for each individual order.  Lok-N-Logs peeled products vary in size and peeling patterns – these are products created from the natural contour of trees and are not delivered in specific thicknesses and diameters.



  Made in the U.S.A.