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To all Weatherseal Customers:

 We have just been informed that Continental Products will be reducing their color lines at the conclusion of 2017.  They have decided to keep their “Classic” colors that total (8).  All other colors will not be available beginning in 2018.  If one of these colors affects you they are asking that you can switch to one of the “Classic” colors for future recoats and maintenance on your home moving forward into the future.  If you have any questions about this please contact our office at 800-721-7715 and we can walk you through this.  We realize that this will not be an easy transition for everyone.  We will be here to help assist you through this.  We offer to send you samples of potential  color options from the “Classic” line for you to sample in order to make this transition easier on you.  Also, if you have purchased one of the discontinued colors from us in the past we will be contacting you directly in order to make you aware of this to avoid surprises later.  We apologize for this inconvenience and please let us know how we can make this as easy a transition for you as possible.  Thank You.


                The Following Weatherseal Colors to be Discontinued in 2018:


                Pine Cone

                Cabin Brown


                Kodiak Brown


                Frontier Pine

                Historic Brown





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